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Ron "Doc" Fischer has a passion for old Chevys, and he passes on his lifelong knowledge and expertise to others who share his love for restoring old vehicles.


In addition to drawing on his experience of past restorations, Doc uses his experience in the healthcare field to make the restoration process for your car easy and painless.


He performs a thorough evaluation of your vehicle and then comes up with the best plan to make it perform at its best once again.

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• Grew up in a family that owned Chevrolets

• First car in high school was a 1963 Impala 4-door sedan that he had restored

• Still owns his 1963 Impala

• Owns a customized 1986 Suburban

• Currently working on a 1985 C10

• Retired doctor of chiropractic

• Active member of VCAA, CCI, NIA, and NCA

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