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How Much To Paint My Car?

By drronaldf20719687, Jan 18 2017 05:32PM

Winter time in Wisconsin means the cool cars are put away or are getting built. Needless to say, we have been very busy building some very cool cars this winter. 66 Lincoln, 79 Mercedes, 71 Nova, 55 Chevy Pick Up, 72 GMC, 66 GTO…..

With restoration, while the mechanical part is very important for performance and safety, it is the paint that gets the most attention.

Long gone are the days of the $39.99 Earl Schiebe paint jobs. A typical paint job without having to do rust repair easily can run $4-8000 for a basic driver quality. Higher end jobs can go $6-10,000 and top show quality can run $15,000+. Why?

Material costs, environmental regulations, sanding/masking/cleaning supplies, insurance and of course, labor. A basic paint job includes; removing trim, bumpers, etc… Removing the existing finish, filling or metal working imperfection, priming, block sanding, more primer, more sanding, sealing and then the color goes on followed by a clear coat. Then you have to put all the trim back on. Throw in a rust spot or previously repaired panel, and you have several more hours and materials tossed in.

Don’t forget, you have to re-mask at each stage!

Now that the paint is on and dry, it needs to be wet sanded (cut) and polished. Depending on the desired quality, this can be very labor intensive.

Most paint is well over $150 per gallon. Reds can run over $300 a gallon. Want a metallic, pearl or candy? Now you have doubled the paint cost.

The days of shooting a couple coats of lacquer in your buddy’s garage are long gone.

Be sure to keep this in mind when deciding on building a project car. You can save some money by doing some of the mechanical on your own. But when it comes to paint and body work, many shops will not want to work on previous repairs. We cannot guarantee paint unless we start with bare metal. Reason being, many paint brands are not compatible. Did you use a rattle can of lacquer primer?

Unfortunately, the only real way to save money on a paint job is to have a very clean and straight car to start with. So, if you have rust, dents or other damage, expect to pay for those repairs.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave below, Thanks!

66 GTO bad previoius body work
66 GTO bad previoius body work
Prep work
Prep work
1966 Lincoln jambed
1966 Lincoln jambed
1966 Lincoln fresh paint
1966 Lincoln fresh paint
1966 Lincoln Continental final assembly
1966 Lincoln Continental final assembly
Jan 19 2017 01:27AM by Jason Hauboldt

Very well said! So many people just don't realize all the labor and the cost of the materials that go into a quality job.

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