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The Stories We Hear

By drronaldf20719687, Mar 21 2018 10:52PM

One of the really neat aspects of the auto restoration business, is talking with customers and getting the history behind their car.

Original owners, young married couples buy a car and fix it up years later, a car or truck that has been in the family for years,….

The look in the owner’s eyes as he/she tells the story of when they bought the car brand new, you can feel the excitement all over. Or, when you hear about learning to drive in dad’s old truck, and now they want to restore it so their kids can do the same.

We get the sad stories too. The couple who bought a car and one of the spouses passes before they can fix it up, but still want it done in their memory.

Automobiles, to some, are nothing more than a means to get from point A to point B. While others, their car or truck is a part of the family with the same emotional strings.

It is a great feeling to bring the old memories back and restore their dream. Most of the cars we do are for people like this. They want a piece of the old life back.

Unfortunately, there are times when we cannot bring the car back. Too much rust and deterioration would make the restoration way too costly. It is very difficult sometimes to talk someone out of spending $20, 30, 50,000 on restoring a car that in A1 condition is worth maybe $10,000.

The real question becomes, how much is the enjoyment of driving the old car again worth? For some, that justifies the expense.

As I have posted before, if you plan to keep and enjoy the car, then by all means consider the restoration (keep it in your budget). But if you are looking to sell/flip the car, then leave it as is. You will never recover the amount spent to restore on a quick sale.

1968 Chevelle Rstored Dream
1968 Chevelle Rstored Dream
Mar 22 2018 08:31AM by Nick Calabrese

Doc I talked to you awhile back, about trying to find a engine harness for my 86 k-10 and you said you had one out of truck that you restored, just curious as to if you still have that harness, and how much it would be.

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