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Tune Up Time

By drronaldf20719687, Mar 29 2019 10:08PM

Ahh, Spring is finally getting going and I know if you have an old car, you are itching to get it out for a drive.

Cars have changed quite a bit over the last 30 years. In high school and college, I was driving my ’63 Impala. Every Fall, I would change the spark plugs, new cap, rotor, points and condenser. Set the timing, adjust the carburetor, flush the radiator and fill with new coolant. Clean the battery connections and of course, a lube/oil/filter change. Just to make sure it would make it through the winter!

Then in the Spring, re-set the timing, adjust the carb, lube, oil, filter,…..

This was an annual ritual.

Looking back another 50 years, cars came with oil cans mounted on the firewall. You had to oil the generator, water pump, rockers, etc… before driving it!

Now, I currently have a 01 Tahoe with 305,000 miles. I’ve changed the spark plugs once in the 15 years I’ve owned it.

Today’s car owners do not know what it was like to drive the older cars. We couldn’t just jump in and drive it without regular maintenance. Cars today tell you to put air in your tires, and which one! Oil level, coolant level, even the windshield wash level is monitored and if low, a warning light pops on. In the old cars, the only warning for neglect was a break down.

This is something to consider if you are interested in owning or driving an older car. There will be a lot more maintenance required. So be prepared to spend some time and money on a very regular basis to keep it running and reliable. But hey, that’s part of fun of owning a Classic.

Mar 30 2019 04:47AM by Mark Kramer

I'm sorry but if things haven't changed dramatically I would never recommend your business. From repeated little wiring problems and repeated shifting issues to repeated engines problems that could have caused me an engine rebuild that your mechanics could not diagnose and in most cases did not fix, I paid way more than I received!

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