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By drronaldf20719687, Sep 29 2016 06:06PM

In one of my earlier posts, I described how we used modern technology to make a part for an older car. We used 3D printing to make an obsolete part.

One part of restoring older cars is dealing with chromed plastic trim and other parts. Until recently, the only way to somewhat duplicate the chrome was to use paint. Needless to say, the results were less than satisfactory. There was no way to get the deep shine of chrome with a spray can.

Early this year, I was watching an episode of Counting Cars. A reality show about a Las Vegas Customizing shop. In this episode, the painter was showing the owner a new “Chroming Process” using a spray on product. He went about applying the product and it quickly developed a beautiful, deep chrome finish. The owner was very impressed. So was I.

I began to do some research on this process called Hydro-Chroming. I found that not only can you do metal parts, but plastic, fiberglass, glass, concrete, and even wood. This would be perfect for all those arm rests, dash bezels and other interior (and exterior) trim parts.

We are now the only Authorized shop in North East Wisconsin to apply Future Chrome.

We can do the plastic trim, wheels, bumpers, light housings, or custom chrome any part for cars, trucks and even motorcycles. I have even seen motorcycle helmets get the chrome treatment!

For fun I plan to do my tablet back cover.

We can also do colored chrome finishes including; black, red, blue, green, yellow (gold), purple and many others. We can also do Candy finishes as well.

So, if you have old plastic parts needing new chrome, trim, bumpers or anything else chromed, give us a call! (920) 279-5521 local or (855) 490-1916 toll free.

To see some videos on the process and for more information, please visit Future Chrome

Original Painted Mirror to be Chromed
Original Painted Mirror to be Chromed
Chromed Mirrors
Chromed Mirrors
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