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Get your car ready for show

If you plan to enter your car in a show or take it on tour, then it must pass a "Tech Inspection." Let us do a complete inspection, repair any issues, and give you an estimate of what it will score.


If you allow us to restore your car or truck for a show, then we GUARANTEE that it will score at least 950 points on a 1000-point judged show.


If it doesn't, then bring in the judging sheet and we'll make all of the corrections needed to bring your score up. (This applies to your first show only).

Checking all of your accessories

• Fire extinguisher

• Radio

• Heater

• Wipers

• Lights

• Power windows and locks

• Air conditioner

• Horns

Guaranteed high scores

Call to get your car ready for show


We pay close attention to detail for all projects. All cars are completed on time, every time.

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